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Vulcan and Cerberus win online poll to name Pluto’s smallest moons

via LA Times “The people have spoken, and they would like the two smallest moons of Pluto to be named Vulcan and Cerberus. Vulcan was the only candidate with more than 100,000 votes. In fact, it blew away the rest of the field with 174,062 votes from people all over the world. The biggest fan … Continue reading

Bumblebees Communicate with Flowers Via Electric Fields

via Science World Report “Dominic Clarke and Heather Whitney from the University of Bristol wrote that bumblebees can sense the electric field that surrounds a flower. The new research shows that bumblebees are able to learn to distinguish between fields produced by different floral shapes, or use them to work out whether a flower has … Continue reading

“Einstein’s brain: It was better than yours”

via USA Today Einstein’s brain: It was better than yours “Einstein’s brain has an extraordinary prefrontal cortex, which may have contributed to . . . some of his remarkable cognitive abilities,” lead author Dean Falk notes in the study.” “Albert Einstein’s brain was “unlike those of most people,” according to a new study led by … Continue reading