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On the issue of meaning: Why we should be using “Daesh”

They hate it. And discrediting their main claim is important when it comes to recruiting new members.
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On the hypocrisy of Michael Sam, the NFL, and the public

Tim Tebow-Michael Sam comparisons have had fingers flying on conservative and christian Web sites since the ESPN video showing Sam celebrate his NFL draft by kissing his boyfriend exploded in sport news. But that’s not how I first learned about the “controversy” of the hypocrisy between the reception of the two players into the very public life that comes … Continue reading

Sunday Funnies: Wrestling for Jesus

I find it amusing anyway. Part of the documentary, The Nature of Existence, this three minute segment looks at group in Athens, Georgia that has put together a “unique” way of spreading the word. And then there’s this from Jon Stewart – he takes a moment to look at the merits of Obama’s newly appointed … Continue reading

California Creationist Offering $10k If Anyone Can Disaprove Genesis

via Counsel & Heal “ A California creationist, Joseph Mastropaolo, is putting $10,000 on the bet and offering it to whoever that can disprove Genesis. He is calling the challeng the “Literal Genesis Trial” where one should disprove Genesis using science in front of the judge. Mastropaolo maintains on his website that “evolution is devoid … Continue reading

Christians Against Yoga in School File Lawsuit

With all the “conservative” talk about wasteful spending, you have to wonder why this group would feel compelled to file such a ridiculous lawsuit. via Divided Under God “According to NBC Sourthern California, “School district Superintendent Timothy Baird said he’s shocked a lawsuit was filed against the district. “We have not stripped religion out of … Continue reading