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Kryptodrakon – The hidden serpent

‘Hidden Dragon’ Beast Gave Rise to Fearsome Flying Reptiles. Advertisements

License to kill an American icon

“Wind farms that kill bald eagles are now protected from prosecution” Continue reading

Sunday Funnies: Don’t puke on me, man.

“I just shit my pants.” Continue reading

15 reasons to make out

I am a huge fan of making out and touchy-feely lovin’. And, lists… Yeah, so what? Here are fifteen great reasons to do some serious face sucking with your lov-a. My Top Five: #15 Hormones abound – “open-mouth kissing allows for the transfer of hormones from a man to a woman. “Increas[ing] arousal in the … Continue reading

13 percent of entire tortoise species’ population found in smuggler’s bag

via MNN – Mother Nature Network “There are only about 400 ploughshare tortoises left in the wild. One man was caught trying to smuggle 54 of them. Thai authorities recently arrested a 38-year-old man who was carrying a bag containing 54 ploughshare tortoises (Astrochelys yniphora) and 21 radiated tortoises (Astrochelys radiata), reports Though both … Continue reading

African forest elephants decline by 62% in 10 years

via BBC Nature “African forest elephants (Loxodonta cyclotis) are heading for extinction, possibly within the next decade. Forest elephant numbers have decreased by 62% across Central Africa over the last 10 years, according to a study. Results of the study, undertaken by researchers from the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), are published in the scientific journal … Continue reading

Kentucky Evolution Fight: GOP Lawmakers Upset State Exams Test Students On ‘Made Up’ Theory

via HuffPost Politics A group of Kentucky Republicans is up in arms over a state testing program that requires high school students preparing for college to have an understanding of biological evolution. When the Republican state legislature voted in 2009 to link Kentucky’s testing system to national education standards, it opened the door for biology … Continue reading

Penis Snake is neither penis nor snake, but looks like both

Penis Snake is neither penis nor snake, but looks like both via io9 “When a crew of engineers stumbled across this critter while building a dam in the Amazon, many dubbed it the “penis snake,” and it’s easy to see why. But this phallic squirmer isn’t a snake at all but an extremely rare, limbless … Continue reading

Gorilla Youngsters Seen Dismantling Poachers’ Traps

Gorilla Youngsters Seen Dismantling Poachers’ Traps—A First via National Geographic  “Just days after a poacher’s snare had killed one of their own, two young mountain gorillas worked together Tuesday to find and destroy traps in their Rwandan forest home, according to conservationists on the scene. “This is absolutely the first time that we’ve seen juveniles doing that … I … Continue reading