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License to kill an American icon

And, the license isn’t necessary for wind energy farms. It’s just a perk to avoid prosecution in the deaths of bald and golden eagles on their property.

According to | PBS NewsHour,

The Obama administration said Friday it will allow some companies to kill or injure bald and golden eagles for up to 30 years without penalty

The administration has had the backing of environmental groups in regards to clean energy, but the new strategy has caused a rift, the article says.

“The federal government didn’t study the impacts of this rule change even though the (law) requires it,” said Kelly Fuller, who formerly headed up the wind campaign at the American Bird Conservancy. “Instead, the feds have decided to break the law and use eagles as lab rats.”

Obama presents himself as a champion of the environment; however, this policy seems to contradict that image.

The dichotomy of the new system is simply sacrificing one area of the environment to another. And it does not maintain the balance the administration claims to be aiming toward.

Read the full report from PBS here.


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