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Journalist’s potential terrorists in U.K.

Censorship of information by governments and revealing of said information by journalists is nothing new. Neither is use of special laws in an attempt to keep information from becoming public.

Some people believe this treatment is necessary to protect the interests of the state. No matter the behaviour of the state.

However, we should worry when the very organizations who have done so much to protect free speech face such threats.

We should want to know when the people within our Democratic governments commit wrongs in our name.

We, as voting citizens in democratic societies, are responsible for those actions. And we should want our governments to behave appropriately within our laws and treaties as they are representing our country on the world stage.

Articles like this should push us to speak out and speak up for a free press to disseminate information to keep an informed people aware of actions taken in our stead.

What do you think about Snowden? Is he a criminal for reporting criminal acts? Is he a hero for revealing the information? Are the journalists at the Guardian responsible as terrorists for publishing the information? Comment below to share your thoughts

Read the full Reuters article here.


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