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Sunday Funnies: Don’t puke on me, man.

My day started with a delicious cup of coffee and this epic psa on hangovers gone horribly funny:

Boogie ’til You Poop on Vimeo

Rock climber Jason Kruk started the day complaining of feeling hungover. It was the proverbial red flag moment.

The climb was being filmed by Cedar Wright and Andrew Burr happened to be shadow shooting stills.

He switched to the video setting and caught what is most probably one of Kruk’s most embarrassing life moments on camera.

Kruk’s post-interview is a perfect video synopsis.

“First of all, I got my knee stuck in the crack… and then, I shit my pants.”

Not only did his friends film the experience for him to relive endlessly; they posted it online for all to enjoy.

Thank you for sharing.


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