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15 reasons to make out

I am a huge fan of making out and touchy-feely lovin’.

And, lists… Yeah, so what? Here are fifteen great reasons to do some serious face sucking with your lov-a.

My Top Five:

#15 Hormones abound – “open-mouth kissing allows for the transfer of hormones from a man to a woman. “Increas[ing] arousal in the woman, which leads to higher chances of sex!” Who doesn’t want better odds on gettin’ some?

#13 Burning up – “Like most physical activity we encounter on a daily basis, kissing burns calories. The longer and more passionate the kiss, the more calories are burned.” Women aren’t the only ones who talk about dropping pounds. And, it’s the second most enjoyable way to burn a few.

#10 Work your face – “Kissing is the ultimate workout to keep our facial muscles strong. Our cheeks are kept tight and supple when we engage around 30 different muscles in our faces when kissing.” Aging, ugh. I am not a fan of the changes that come with it.

#5 Before or after – “Women are more likely than men to initiate kissing after sex. However, men are actually more likely to initiate kissing before sex!” I’m down for before, during, after, and random make out sessions.

#1 Rest and relaxation– “Kissing creates feel-good chemicals in our bodies that help us feel relaxed. Research shows that kissing increases levels of oxytocin in our bodies, which is a natural calming chemical, and increases endorphins.” All that kissing makes me feel good. I like to feel good.

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