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Christians Against Yoga in School File Lawsuit

With all the “conservative” talk about wasteful spending, you have to wonder why this group would feel compelled to file such a ridiculous lawsuit.

via Divided Under God

“According to NBC Sourthern California, “School district Superintendent Timothy Baird said he’s shocked a lawsuit was filed against the district. “We have not stripped religion out of it. We never put religion in it,” Baird said. “What we took out were cultural connections, so we don’t use Sanskrit words. But basically what you have kids doing is stretching, moving, breathing. That’s not religious.”

Not satisfied with that explanation, fundamentalist Christian parents in the school district filed suit despite the district’s assurances (and the parents’ ability to remove their children). The civil rights lawsuit seeks to halt the yoga program indefinitely and “restore traditional physical education to the district.”

In order to succeed, the lawsuit will be required to prove that practicing yoga is inherently religious (therefore making the school’s adaption of the exercise inherently unconstitutional based on the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause).”

Read the full article here

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One thought on “Christians Against Yoga in School File Lawsuit

  1. they probably filed it because Yoga is impossible to be divorced from a practice of Buddism, which if it’s going on in a ‘public’ supported school is just as prohibited as a public school sponsored Prayer Meeting.

    Posted by mike and brandy | February 27, 2013, 5:46 am

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