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Is drug testing welfare recipients worth the cost?

There are a lot of posts floating around social networking sites about requiring drug testing individuals applying for government assistance. Doesn’t it seem odd those who claim to want smaller government and less spending are the ones who so desperately want to enact these laws? A post from Lorelei on shows, based on available statistics, … Continue reading

Are We Better Off Than 4 Years Ago? Let’s Go To The Charts!….

Oh, charts, facts, and statistics, how do I love thee? The Business Insider put together some charts showing the economy over the past decade.  It’s an interesting look into the numbers being thrown around by campaigns around the country. Take a look at all the charts here. by Henry Blodget “The biggest issue in this year’s … Continue reading

Energy independence a tax loophole under Romney?

Tara Wall, a Romney campaign adviser, became so wrapped up in her own circular talking during an interview on MSNBC she said energy independence was related to the specifics of the candidate’s plan to close tax loopholes. What are the specifics of this campaign? Good luck on finding an interview that nails them down. Asked … Continue reading

Neil Armstrong hosts NASA 50th Anniversary Documentary

“Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11 Commander and first person to walk on the moon, guides us through the history of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in the half-century since its establishment in 1958. Produced by NASA TV, 2008.” A very cool look at the history of NASA decade by decade.  Great soundtrack and interviews with … Continue reading