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Ten Demands America Must Master Now

via Gallup by Jim Clifton- “3. There are three key energy sources of job creation in America: the country’s top 100 cities, its top 100 universities, and its 10,000 local “tribal leaders” — philanthropists, city fathers and mothers, business leaders, and other deeply invested citizens who get things done for the good of their city. … Continue reading

White House Kills $473 Million in Earmarks

via Roll Call by Steven T. Dennis “President Barack Obama’s administration eliminated $473 million in old transportation earmarks today, telling states to reallocate the money by the end of the year or lose it for good. Old earmarks for projects that have not yet been built, from fiscal years 2003 to 2006, have been effectively … Continue reading

Kentucky Evolution Fight: GOP Lawmakers Upset State Exams Test Students On ‘Made Up’ Theory

via HuffPost Politics A group of Kentucky Republicans is up in arms over a state testing program that requires high school students preparing for college to have an understanding of biological evolution. When the Republican state legislature voted in 2009 to link Kentucky’s testing system to national education standards, it opened the door for biology … Continue reading

Egypt’s president asserts authority over army

via Al Jazeera “Defence Minister Tantawi and army Chief of Staff Anan replaced and military-issued constitutional amendments cancelled.  The Egyptian president has ordered the powerful head of the army and defence minister, Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, and several senior generals into retirement and cancelled constitutional amendments issued by the military restricting presidential powers. Mohamed Morsi announced through … Continue reading

Scientists Find Brain’s Irony-Detection Center!

via The Atlantic by Robert Wright  “Using magnetic resonance imaging, scientists seem to have located a part of the brain centrally involved in grasping irony. “We demonstrate that the ToM network becomes active while a participant is understanding verbal irony.” This isn’t just one of those “shot in the dark” MRI studies, where you see what brain … Continue reading

The Ambiguous Battle for Jobs

via Truthdig by Bill Boyarsky “It’s the great unanswered question of the presidential campaign: Just how can America actually create jobs? President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are ducking the specifics, tearing each other down and offering little hope to the 15 percent of Americans without enough work. The rhetoric of the campaign and the … Continue reading

Mitt Romney Would Pay 0.82 Percent in Taxes Under Paul Ryan’s Plan

via The Atlantic “Under Paul Ryan’s plan, Mitt Romney wouldn’t pay any taxes for the next ten years — or any of the years after that. Now, do I know that that’s true. Yes, I’m certain. Well, maybe not quite nothing. In 2010 — the only year we have seen a full return from him — Romney would … Continue reading

VP Nominee Ryan’s Religious Duplicity; Morality Clashes With Catholic Church

via Addicting Info “A week after House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan claimed his Catholic faith inspired his House-passed budget plan and told an interviewer that his fiscal views were informed by Catholic social teaching, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops reiterated their demand that the federal budget protect the poor, stating, [the GOP measure] “fails to … Continue reading

Does Obama’s Plan ‘Gut Welfare Reform’?

via A Mitt Romney TV ad claims the Obama administration has adopted “a plan to gut welfare reform by dropping work requirements.” The plan does neither of those things. “I think — and now remember I’m a Republican — that the ad is very misleading,” Haskins said. “The idea that the states will use … Continue reading

PolitiFact Checks Obama’s statement on Romney’s tax plan

Mitt Romney would cut millionaires’ taxes, Barack Obama says “But to make Romney’s plan revenue neutral, deductions would also have to be removed for people with incomes below $200,000, and the effects of that would be significant, the study found. In fact, the elimination of the deductions would mean outright tax increases for everyone with … Continue reading