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Paterno’s family still in denial, claim Freeh report inaccurate

Joe Paterno family seeks to save his legacy from Sandusky scandal

Joe Paterno’s family continued its fight Monday to save the reputation of one of college football’s most honored coaches, insisting that it will conduct its own investigation into the Penn State University child sex-abuse scandal tied to Jerry Sandusky.”

“Last week, former FBI Director Louis J. Freeh issued his findings on the Sandusky case and how Penn State handled reports that Sandusky had sexually abused boys at the university’s football training facility. Freeh was scathing in his blame of four top officials, including head coach Joe Paterno, for failing to act after abuse reports involving Sandusky surfaced in 1998 and 2001.

In the report, commissioned by the university, Freeh also blamed the culture of catering to the powerful football program for the failure by school officials to contact outside authorities.

The president of Penn State was forced to step down last fall as the scandal broke, and two former administrators are now facing trial on criminal charges in connection with the early investigation. But much of the attention has focused on Hall of Fame coach Paterno, who was forced out of his job because of the Sandusky charges; he died of cancer this year.

The Freeh report argues that it was Paterno who persuaded other administrators to keep the scandal in-house despite legal requirements that abuse be reported to outside authorities. The report also cites emails to show that Paterno knew of the 1998 report but did not act to bar Sandusky from the campus.”


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