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New Music Finds, Tuesday Tunes

Tuesday Tunes: New Music Finds

I am obsessed.

I totally dig on finding new music and wearing it out. (Okay, so I’m like that about a lot of things in life…whatever.) Even as I type this I am listening to an “on the radar” radio station via Spotify.

But it’s not just brand new-new music, it’s new-to-me music too.

I’ve always had this obsession.  I love nothing more than singing at the top of my lungs and grooving to a piece that moves me. Yes, I am the person you catch full-on rocking out while driving down the freeway.  Sun shining, windows down, music up, life is good.

Until more recently in life I was fairly lazy about searching out and acquiring new music.  I would just scan the radio and when something tickled me fancy I might go purchase the tape, er…CD.

But this is an addiction that is now fed by the vast availability of my crack of choice on the interwebbings.

There are a seemingly endless list of sources where music is available, and more often than not, at the very least, a quick listen is free!  Heaven.  And since I’ll listen to just about anything pure bliss can be found anytime, day or night, with ease.  (No disco or Japanese death metal, please. I know, weird, right?)

So, as part of my newest idea to inspire daily writing sessions, I thought I could definitely use the time I spend looking up and listening to various music as a jumping off point.

Here are a few brand new music finds from my most recent perusings:

Favorite Find of the Week:

Alabama Shakes“I Found You”
From their self-titled, online released EP.
Genre: Blues-Rock

Love, love, love this group! Lead singer, Christine Howard, has a voice that will reach in and grab your soul. The Shakes have been gaining popularity around the south over the past year and are currently touring the U.S. I like to imagine in a very Ken-Kesey like bus bringing their magical kool-aid music to the nation.  Their debut album “Boys and Girls” drops April 10th.  So far, I haven’t heard a song I don’t totally dig on.

Fun – “We Are Young”
“Some Nights”, release date February 21
Genre: Indie

A great, fun song… um, yeah, you get what I mean, right?  Definitely one of those turn-it-up, sing-it-loud, feel-good types.  A little fair warning, I have yet to see a video from this trio that isn’t slightly strange.  Fun, the group, are releasing their second full track album in February.

Jake Owen – Alone with you
Newest single from his album Barefoot Blue Jean Night
Genre: Country

Apparently this Jake has been around for awhile, but this is the first song that has resonated with me. I think partly because it reminds me a little of the “old-school” country my uncles listened to when I was young.  Critics haven’t given the song a whole lot of love, but the masses are pushing it up the charts.  It debuted at number 56 on Billboard’s country chart and, still gaining, now sitting in the 16th top position.

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