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Lifting the veil on love in Islam

In ‘Love, InshAllah,’ American Muslim Women Reveal Lives NY Times Zahra Noorbakhsh was 14 when her Iranian immigrant mother discovered that Zahra was defying the family ban on mingling with boys: one was among her four friends heading to the movies together. So the sex education talk that in a different life, back in the … Continue reading

Tuesday Tunes: New Music Finds

I am obsessed. I totally dig on finding new music and wearing it out. (Okay, so I’m like that about a lot of things in life…whatever.) Even as I type this I am listening to an “on the radar” radio station via Spotify. But it’s not just brand new-new music, it’s new-to-me music too. I’ve … Continue reading

Monday Musings: E-protesting, change with a click of the mouse

A few years ago I wrote a story about e-protesting and how it would never have the same effect as people in the streets.  I waxed poetic on the time-honored tradition of Americans piling into the streets toting signs with catchy slogans.  I interviewed an activist from the era of Vietnam protests who swore kids … Continue reading

Rodents exhibit empathy by setting trapped friends free

Science News Calling someone a rat should no longer be considered an insult. The often maligned rodents go out of their way to liberate a trapped friend, a gregarious display that’s driven by empathy, researchers conclude in the Dec. 9 Science. “As humans, we tend sometimes to have this feeling that there’s something special about our … Continue reading

Indonesian atheist in protective custody, may face jail time

BBC News: Asia  Row over Indonesia atheist Facebook post An Indonesian man who said that God did not exist in a posting on a Facebook page for atheists could face jail. Civil servant Alexander Aan, 31, is now in protective police custody after he was attacked by an angry mob earlier this week. He may … Continue reading

India’s First Female Photojournalist Captured A Nation In Transition

NPR: The Picture Show When I told my loving Indian parents I wanted to pursue a career in photojournalism, let’s just say they weren’t over the moon. Their immigrant dreams of producing a lawyer or doctor were replaced with images of an idealistic artist filled with wanderlust. I was young enough and stubborn enough to … Continue reading

Life – and Kodak – Remembered

The New York Times: Lens This was not an unexpected Kodak moment. The iconic company’s bankruptcy filing had been foreshadowed in recent weeks. Yet there was something about reading Thursday morning’s reports that sadly hit home, like another medical setback for a beloved uncle who had long been ill. It signifies not just the end of an … Continue reading

Porn Industry Faces Condom Requirement In Los Angeles

Porn Industry Faces Condom Requirement In Los Angeles

Advocates for the mandatory use of condoms in the production of porn films moved a step closer to victory in Los Angeles.

The city council there voted 9-1 in favor of an ordinance that would require use of condoms to protect performers from sexually transmitted diseases.

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Google Plans Home Page Protest Against U.S. Piracy Measures

Bloomberg Businessweek By Eric Engleman and Chiara Remondini Jan. 17 (Bloomberg) — Google Inc. will place a link on its home page tomorrow protesting anti-piracy measures in the U.S. Congress, joining other Internet companies demonstrating against the Hollywood-backed legislation. Google, owner of the world’s most popular search engine, and Facebook Inc. are among companies opposing … Continue reading

California surf is up, dudes; swells pound west-facing beaches

California surf is up, dudes; swells pound west-facing beaches.