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U.S. border fence, the cost of “safety”

The U.S. border fence built near the Rio Grande will cut citizens off from free and direct access to their own country.

U.S. Mexican Border Fence across Sonora Desert - photo by Wonderlane

The 18-feet-high steel wall began snaking it’s way across southern states after a bill passed through Congress in 2006 while a national debate raged over illegal immigration and border security. The cost though, at $6.2 million per mile, rose beyond dollar figures.

The logistics of putting a fence in place proved much more difficult than some had foreseen.  A deluge of lawsuits were filed against the government over the proposed path of the fence, however Department of Homeland Security pulled a power play which essentially leap-frogged over all objections, regulations and laws.

Citizens in the southern areas of Texas have found themselves on the wrong side of the border fence.

Some are in a no-man’s-land between the wall and the Mexican border,  others had their properties cut in half and still more were completely displaced by the wall’s path across the state.

The current gaps in the fence are slated to be closed by electric gates over the next several months.  Property owners affected by this will be given codes from Homeland Security in order to access either side of the fence.


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