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I ♥ cursing

“The sort of twee person who thinks swearing is in anyway a lack of education, or a lack of verbal interest, is just fucking lunatic.”  -Stephen Fry

On a lighter note: I am a curser, that’s right, I curse. Actually, I’m rather fond of cursing and if you know me, there’s a good chance you’ve heard a rant or two with the flavor of curse thrown in.

I know, people say that cursing is a sign of ignorance, well you know what I say to them… cannot be printed in this paper. Hello!I am by no means ignorant; I just like some emphasis in certain areas of life and swear words provide cathartic release when I’m feeling rather passionate about a subject. Or perhaps we can chalk it up to an oppressed childhood under religious zealots, but that is an entirely different issue.

I can control the curse, and try not to offend certain parties, or small children with my sailor mouth. However, when needed for effect, and often to offend those who have offended me I will bring out the big guns.

For the most part, I curse when talking in generalities with friends, complaining about poor service and attitudes, directed at extreme ignorance and bigotry or during a particularly exciting sporting event. And, of course, driving to school at 9a.m. when there are no parking spots. Hey, maybe I should do a note on parking next time.

Yet, I digress, this is about cursing and I heart cursing. I’ve often asked my Spanish instructors to teach me how to curse, at the very least I should understand what is being said to me if I’m being cursed at, don’t you think? They just smile and shake their heads; apparently even at the college level cursing is not allowed in the classroom.

The funny thing about being a curser is that when you try not to you often sound like you are on the playground at kindergarten and someone just knocked the ball out of your hands, “Poopy-head!” Or took cuts in the pudding line, “Meanie-butt!”

Cursing isn’t all bad; there have been studies that show those who curse handle stressful situations better than those who do not. That is because we are blowing off extra steam that you non-cursers are holding in and bottling up.

My cousin, who was in the service, told me on more than one occasion that he knew military men who didn’t curse as much as I do. Am I proud of that? Maybe not, but I still enjoy a good curse out now and then.

“I’m offended by that. Well, so fucking what?!” – Stephen Fry


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